The top 5 web design trends for 2020

A website can add a lot of value to your business. But simply designing a site is not enough. You must carefully consider how you want to present your business online.
Web Design Trends

Every year, website design trends change, and it is important to implement these trends if you want to stand out and compete online. 

Remember how websites looked in the early 2000s? Back then, it was all about flash graphics and animations, glossy buttons, horizontal navigation, and image-stuffed homepages. Today, websites look completely different. Now the most important factor in website design is user experience. User experience is how visitors feel when they use your website: Is it easy to navigate? Does it offer value? Is it engaging? If visitors struggle to navigate your site or find it too cluttered, they will quickly click away to something better. 

The best website design trends for 2020

Having a well-designed website focused on user experience allows you to keep visitors engaged for longer, increasing the chances of interaction while improving leads and sales. But how should a website look in 2020? Let’s explore five top web design trends you should be taking note of. 

Less is more 

Gone are the days of sparkling text and music playing in the background on websites. Now, it is all about getting your business’ message out as quickly as possible. This includes minimal images and text on light backgrounds and leaving plenty of white space between elements.  

Strong illustrations and images 

We live in a visual world and we shop with our eyes. Therefore, having high-quality images on your website is a must. Ideally, you should use your own images as this gives potential buyers an idea of what you offer. If not your own, use high-resolution stock images that represent your brand. 

Illustrations have become quite popular too. Consider telling a story with simple drawings that give your website a professional look while adding hints of creativity and innovation. 

Overlapping elements and layers 

Web design is a form of art – and so is your business! So, make your website look like an artwork. Overlapping design elements give a sense of dimension and depth that is visually pleasing to visitors and keep them engaged for longer. With these elements, you can give your site an innovative and cutting-edge look that will stand out online.

Non-corporate designs

Life is serious enough as it is, people don’t want to visit websites that make businesses seem unapproachable. Even big corporates are moving away from boring designs and excessive copy. They now embrace a more casual and friendly feel online. 

This means you should ideally avoid large menus with complicated dropdowns, make it easier for people to contact you, use simple, straightforward copy and images to explain complex information.

Using bold text and colours 

Visitors want to find what they are looking for quickly. Therefore, web design is moving away from sites that require a lot of scrolling. Instead, bold typography and colours are used to tell the story and get the message across easily. Large typography effectively draws visitors’ eyes to focus on your branding message or product.

While these are some of the top trends in the design world right now, other trends may also work for your business. These include: 

More ways to get into contact 

You want visitors to turn into customers fast. So, having multiple call to actions (CTAs) and contact forms on your website is a great option. 

Dark mode

2020 has seen many large companies switch their websites to have a slightly darker theme. This allows them to show off typography and images better. Developers have also discovered that darker themes reduce eye strain, especially in night-time situations. And while more people are shopping at night, it’s the perfect solution for e-commerce websites. 

Design a website that stands out 

A website is a great tool for showing off your products or services and connecting to a wider audience. But it’s not effective if no one stays on your site. Ideally, you want visitors to click-through to buy what you’re offering as quickly as possible. And one of the best ways to do this is to make your website exciting, engaging and easy to use.

Implement 2020’s top website design trends and see how your website’s traffic grows.  Looking for a professional website designer in South Africa? Talk to the team at Web Guru. We have the experience to implement the best trends to ensure your website stands out online.

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