The real cost of web design South Africa

Over the last 10 years, the demand for web design in South Africa has increased significantly as more people start their own small businesses.

Cost of Web Development

But what is the real cost of web development in South Africa if you have to choose between a self-proclaimed web designer, a seasoned expert and a web design agency? 

When it comes to website design, no matter how big or small your business is, you should always have a professional look and feel and offer an excellent user experience. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in professional web development. For new business owners, a “cheaper” price may look more enticing. However, amateurs who lack the necessary skill and experience may not deliver on the quality and functionality that a website requires today. And this can lead to poor conversion and ultimately, low revenue. 

What is the average cost of web development?

The average cost of web design for a new website depends entirely on what your needs are. A basic website for a small business can start at just R199 per month, while a large e-commerce website with around 20 pages can cost up to R1099 per month.

Some web design companies include a free domain and hosting, however, some web design providers, especially web builder solutions, require you to buy your own domain and hosting. Let’s take a look at the cost of these products:  


Every website needs a domain. It is your unique address to your online business. Domains have different prices. A local domain such as a .CO.ZA or .ORG.ZA typically starts at R85-R95 and more exclusive domains such as .HOST or .STORE can cost up to over R1000.

Web hosting 

Web hosting is the space on a server where all the files of your website live. Shared hosting is ideal for smaller websites and is usually sold on a month-to-month basis. This type of web hosting in South Africa can start at around R69 per month. Dedicated hosting is better suited for larger websites that get more traffic. This type of hosting is significantly more expensive compared to shared hosting.

Which web development solution is best?

Today, there are many ways to get a website. Some small business owners opt for the DIY option of a website builder. While this is usually an affordable solution, it can be very time-consuming. Using a website builder can also lack the ability to create a unique website. 

To ensure you invest in a unique, high-quality solution that looks and functions professionally, a skilled web design company is ideal. A web design company will discuss your needs, find out what your business objectives are and build a customised site that sets you apart from the rest.

Where can I find a website designer?

When you are ready to invest in website design, the next step is to look for a website designer or web design company. It is best to do thorough research before choosing one. You can look for reviews online and browse the designer or company’s web design portfolio to get an idea of what they offer. 

Get your business online fast and affordably 

If you’re looking for professional and affordable web development in South Africa, Web Guru is your answer. We work with you to create effective, user-friendly websites that will suit your budget perfectly. Contact us now to discuss your website needs. 

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