The Best-Kept Secret in South African Marketing

What are your monthly expenses as an SME? Running a business is no light matter - especially for your bank account. South African businesses spend most of their money on purchases, which eat up 61% of expenditure.

The rest typically goes to employment costs, debt interest, vehicles, royalties, machinery, building rental…the list goes on.

But – how much are you spending on marketing? Most small businesses spend 7-8% on advertising – but in the same breath, most get marketing all wrong.

Do you have a website? If so, did you pay a once-off lump sum to get it built, with costly annual updates? In today’s world, this is no way to build a website. The most successful businesses have one thing in common: They pay a small monthly fee for professional web design services.

No longer are websites the unaffordable expenses they used to be…leaving your wallet begging for mercy.

Today, you can invest in one affordable monthly website design package to cover all of your bases. Think about it – most South Africans don’t give their debit orders a second thought, including their phone bill, car payments, bond, you name it. Why should your website be any different? If you run a business, a professional site isn’t optional. It’s essential!

Why? Because websites work – pure and simple.

No matter your industry, your website is the strongest tool you can use to convert prospects. However, seeing as it takes web users less than a second to form an opinion about your site, it needs to look and work flawlessly. The alternative is to send your prospects to your competitors.

Here are some more reasons why you need a great, mobile friendly website:
  • 57% of web users won’t recommend a website that shows badly on mobile
  • 85% of adults believe sites should work just as well on mobile as desktop
  • 65% of retail shoppers use their smartphones to browse
  • 38% of people stop engaging with unattractive websites
  • 47% of users expect pages to load in 2 seconds or less
  • 38% of people stop engaging with sites if images take too long to load
  • Slow-loading web pages cost retailors billions annually
  • 88% of online browsers will never return to a website after a poor experience
  • 94% of web users’ first impressions are related to design

At Web Guru, we’ve been leading the South African website design market for over a decade. While the rest of the country falls behind, our clients sharpen their unfair advantage from just R199 a month.

We’ll build and maintain a unique, fast, and totally professional website for your business. That’s three times less than what you’d pay for a cappuccino at Wimpy if you had one every day of the month.

What’s included?
  • Professional website design
  • Super fast web hosting with 5GB of space
  • Email hosting (if required)
  • SSL certificate
  • Responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • Social media integration
  • Search engine friendly
  • And so much more!

There’s a web design package for every need and a price for every budget. No hidden costs. No nasty surprises. Connect with the Web Guru team today to find out more!

Unsure? Have any questions?

Chat to us to find out how we can make your business succeed online!

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